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The Synstasis Demo Is Out!

The demo for Synstasis, a tactical combat RPG based in a dystopian cyberpunk future is now available on Steam!

Synstasis demo screen

Take on the role of Kai Voloshyn and explore the Undercity, the lower destitute half of the APEX Venture, a mega-city owned by APEX. The Undercity sits beneath the Verge, a haven for the rich and powerful that starved the Undercity of all sunlight when it was built. Since then, the Undercity has been in decline.

Kai, his orphaned best friend Aliq and their self-appointed guardian Wika are inseparable. Together they hunt for scraps of value in the Heaps - a huge dump where outdated technology and other trash are discarded. With the credits they make from selling these scraps, Kai, Aliq and Wika scrape by in this unforgiving metropolis, and maybe build for something better. But when one of their forays into the heaps is murderously interrupted, the entire Undercity begins to rise up in rebellion, with the three scavengers at the heart of a battle for the heart and soul of the entire APEX Venture.

In this alpha demo, talk to over a dozen unique, voice acted characters throughout Kai’s district and explore the dark and declining world in which he and millions of others live. Engage in brutal combat in the shadowy back alleys of this enormous, oppressive lower city and get a taster of the epic story to come that stretches from the sewerage of the Undercity to the cloud-splitting heights of the Verge itself.

Download and play the demo on Steam.

We hope you enjoy it!

Team Synstasis

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